Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Ensuring that your stay at our one of properties is flawless takes quite a bit of maintenance and service. If any service persons should appear at your villa unannounced, call us to confirm their identity while they wait outside. It is always your choice not to let them in if it interferes with your day, and we can generally ask them to return at another time.

Garbage and Trash Removal: Due to the nature of our roads and the secluded locations of private homes, we do not have door-to-door trash collection service. Please drive your bagged garbage daily to one of the nearby orange and blue metal dumpster bins (the nearest is a short drive just outside Mahogany Run) positioned randomly along our roadsides. Please note that charges may be assessed for extraordinarily-dirtied villas and for non-removal of excessive trash bags by guests.

We highly recommend that you remove your garbage every day to prevent the unpleasant effects of heat as well as to deter unwanted insects and critters from coming around. Again, if you leave your week's trash piled in your villa when you depart, you may be charged for its removal.

Pool Maintenance: A complete pool cleaning and servicing is generally done just before your arrival. There should be a pool net on the lower deck which you can use between the weekly services. Our pool uses chlorine tablets which are enclosed in a floating plastic container in the pool. Please leave this container in the pool at all times.

Maid Services and Cleaning: Our villa is cleaned and prepared before your arrival. After you depart, the housekeepers will clean the villa and launder the sheets and towels. If you'd like to arrange extra maid service during the week, please call us with some advance notice. The cost ranges from $50 to around $100 dollars depending on the size of your group. It is customary to leave a tip for the housekeeper; a good rule of thumb is $2.50 to $4 per housekeeper, per day of service.

Exterminators and Gardeners: We try to schedule our exterminators and gardeners during villa vacancies, but if they must be at your villa, we'll be sure to notify you beforehand to let you know.