About the U.S. Virgin Islands

About the U.S. Virgin Islands

Highlighting St. John Island

In this section, we are going to focus on St. John Island. The smallest and most idyllic of the three United Stats Virgin Islands, is best known for its dozens of of post card perfect white sandy beaches, turqoise bays abound in colorful corals and rainbows of tropical fish and endless vistas of green valvet hills. Only nine miles long & three miles wide, two thirds of the island is the Virgin Islands National Park, so its spectacular beaches & untouched forests will remain that way for generations to come & be accessible to all. There are tours of the National Park by Jeep or safari bus & hikes on spectacular trails led by Park Rangers who enrich the experience with talks on the island's history & geology as well as its flora & fauna. Frequent visitors to St. John are beach lovers who aren't content to only read about St. John in books but are always ready to go back to the beach.

While it is only twenty minutes from St. Thomas by convenient hourly ferry, St. John is the peaceful, uncommercialized paradise of island fantasies. It has no high-rise buildings, cruise ship docks or airport. Visitors can obtain discounted air fares to St. Thomas.

Despite its unspoiled atmosphere, it offers every facility & amenity found at major resorts.

Watersports abound! One can charter boats from kayaks to ketches to catamarans by the day or week, with or without captain. Day excursions for sightseeing, picnicking, snorkeling, or scuba diving are offered on every variety of sail or motor craft. Sport fishing in our waters is an experience you'll always remember. Activities on land include hikes you can take on your own or with a National Park guide, horseback riding, donkey trail rides, rock climbing, exploring historic ruins & more.

Getting around the island is easy. Cruz Bay, the major town where the ferry docks, is on the west end of the island facing Red Hook in St. Thomas. It is connected by well maintained paved roads (see map) to most of the bays & beaches & to Coral Bay, the picturesque yacht harbor on the east end of the island. Several local agencies, all a short walk from the ferry dock, offer rental cars, jeeps & canopied trucks by the day or week. Colorful canopied taxis also line the dock all day & evening, offering rides to every island destination & tours.

St. John's surprisingly large selection of restaurants runs from breeze cooled spots for barbecue or burgers to air-conditioned hideaways for Continental cuisine & candlelight. There are many great chefs cooking on the island. The hotels, restaurants & bars offer evening entertainment by the great array of talented, world-class musicians that St. John attracts.

For vacationers staying on St. John or day trippers from St. Thomas or cruise ships, shopping on St. John is a pleasant surprise, whether for luxuries or necessities. Instead of the cheap T-shirt stops which plague so many resorts, St. John offers imaginative shops with distinctive resort wear, quality jewelry, unique international & local crafts & duty free luxury goods. The island is home to many talented artists who work in a wide array of mediums & modes. Meet them & see their work at the island's art galleries & artists' studios. Take home a made-on-St. John work of art that can bring back the island feeling every time you look at it. St. John's three shopping areas, all within walking distance of the ferry & each with a personality all its own, are attractions in themselves offering charming restaurants, cafes & bars along with the shops.

Always inspiring, St. John has been written about from every angle & many books tell tales of fact & fiction, suggest things to do & reveal its hidden treasures.

Maybe you have fallen in love with each other & would like to know more about weddings on St. John. A perfect ceremony & celebration in paradise, as simple or elaborate as you wish, is an island specialty. Our many charming houses of worship would be happy to see you at your nuptials or at any service during your visit.

Most people who visit, come back again & again. And are always welcome!